The Zodiac

Fifteen star-signs sit in a band around the night sky. They are a core element of human astrology and astromancy; a sign is said to have elemental power, a metaphysical “personality” that affects those born beneath it, and governance over particular omens. Each sign is reputed to have its own guiding angel, and a demonic mockery to match. Star-adepts in Lokva and across the world have used the zodiac as the guide to create many works, from small yet powerful charm bracelets to fantastic jewels and mighty golems.

The signs even take on a divine character where the elves are concerned. Elven theology depicts the zodiacal houses as the domains of fifteen ancestor-gods, stretching from Nurdulith’s house of the Cowl to Ythrassil’s house of the Hourglass.

The actual names and images of the signs vary by culture. Lokvan astrologers use the names brought north by the scholars of southern Aurach.

  • Louhos, the Owl (Air; Akhar 1-Akhar 24): The Owl is the sentinel of the new year, the one set to watch over the year as it begins in the long, dark nights of winter.
  • Gurse, the Bear (Earth; Akhar 25-Weyrun 18): The Bear stirs as winter draws towards an end.
  • Renunne, the Fox (Fire; Weyrun 19-Chass 12): The Fox brings spring, like a trickster stealing back fire and the sun.
  • Archelos, the Dragon Turtle (Water; Chass 13-Malader 6): The Dragon Turtle rises as the thaws come and the waters flow strong.
  • Fulzos, the Thunderbolt (Aether; Malader 7-Malader 30): The storms of spring are the domain of the Thunderbolt, the sign of the wildest aether.
  • Caeros, the Chariot (Air; Eledra 1-Eledra 24): The Chariot rides the sky with the warmer winds of spring.
  • Therne, the Stag (Earth; Eledra 25-Lussa 18): The Stag shakes his antlers and strides across the summer solstice.
  • Erythres, the Phoenix (Fire; Lussa 19-Auber 12): The Phoenix rises in the fire of summer’s heat.
  • Arios, the Dolphin (Water; Auber 13-Gondon 6): The Dolphin frolics when the waters are warmest.
  • Teshra, the Maiden (Aether; Gondon 7-Gondon 30): The Maiden’s gifts fall toward the end of summer, before she yields to autumn and the Raven.
  • Corva, the Raven (Air; Mender 1-Mender 24): Autumn comes when the Raven stretches its wings.
  • Jaegos, the Hunter (Earth; Mender 25-Kolvoar 18): The Hunter walks in the forests as the leaves turn and animals prepare for winter.
  • Morricu, the Banshee (Fire; Kolvoar 19-Rathender 12): The Banshee is the voice of the dark ghost-nights of autumn.
  • Shalass, the Shark (Water; Rathender 13-Shessender 6): The Shark is the herald of winter, its cold depths the longest night.
  • Oroboros, the Serpent (Aether; Shessender 7-Shessender 30): The Serpent takes its own tail in its mouth, circling the end of the year and guarding the cycle of seasons.

The Zodiac

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