The Trumps

Nobody is quite sure why the cards of the Deck went where they did. But each one found a suitable home, granting its strange power to someone with the will and personality to use it. The Skull card made a fallen hero into a deathless knight. The Jester card disguised a wandering trickster. The Key gave a dwarven wonder-maker the ability to breathe life into his creations. The Sun gave a living saint the power to hold a corner of the capital until it can be retaken.

The cards have made their holders the most powerful movers and shakers in Lokva. They control the largest organizations, draw the most followers, or wield the most physical power. Some seek to reunite Lokva under a single ruler once more; others enjoy the chaos and work to spread it.


  • Comet – The hero-champion of a roving warrior clan; a monster-slayer who fears nothing. Stands for courageous battle against monstrous foes.
  • Key – The dwarven wonder-maker, master artificer who creates magnificent clockworks and other marvels. Stands for learning and craftsmanship put to good ends.
  • Knight – The loyal knight-sentinel who guards the abandoned throne. Stands for the guardianship of the realm and its people.
  • Moon – The young tsaritsa who walked in the otherworld and gained supernatural power through her honesty and good heart. Stands for kindness and dreams realized.
  • Star – The Firebird, muse and patron to a city of artists. Stands for inspiration and the defense of beauty.
  • Sun – The living saint, divine speaker dedicated to the nation’s welfare. Stands for benevolent protection and the crusade against dark powers.
  • Vizier – The great archmage who divines threats against the land and its people. Stands for knowledge and wisdom.


  • Balance – The silver dragon who calls itself Lawgiver, sending templars to right the scales. Stands for redress and punishment.
  • Fates – The ice witch, cold-hearted sorceress who plays a long game against her rivals. Stands for the aversion of disaster.
  • Fool – The ogre lord, surprisingly cunning master of a barbaric tribe of raiders. Stands for rash action.
  • Gem – The dwarven merchant queen, guildmistress with her thumb on the pulse of trade. Stands for profit.
  • Jester – The wandering trickster whose true face is unknown; a force of chaos and mirth. Stands for whimsy and change.
  • Rogue – The Traitor Prince, who might have been tsar had he not turned on his kin. Stands for deception and reversal.
  • Talons – The Great Bear, master of the Lokvan druids. Stands for the strength of the wild.
  • Throne – The tsar who makes blood-claim to the throne of unified Lokva. Stands for traditional hierarchy.


  • Donjon – The former general turned tyrant tsar who aims to dominate the nation. Stands for iron-fisted rule.
  • Euryale – The great hag of the deep woods; the man-eating little grandmother. Stands for spite and curses.
  • Flames – The charismatic monk turned diabolist who seeks to share his damnation. Stands for blasphemous bargains of power.
  • Idiot – The cult of the mad star; the prophets of doom. Stands for nihilism.
  • Ruin – The grand three-headed dragon of destruction who devoured a city. Stands for the toppling of mortal civilization.
  • Skull – The deathless knight who commands legions of undead; an honorable but black-hearted enemy of the realm. Stands for undeath and warped honor.
  • The Void – The rulers below; the dark masters of curst elves and goblins and dark dwarves and things that crawl. Stands for the expansion of darkness.

The Trumps

Trumps of Winter Barastrondo