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Lokva is a fantasy Russia/Slavic themed land, set in the same world I use for my D&D campaigns. It has often been united under a single Grand Tsar, but at the time of the Trumps of Winter campaign, the last Grand Tsar is dead, the capital is largely a monster-haunted ruin, and a number of forces vie for the land’s destiny.

The Icons in this 13th Age game are the Trumps — each one a powerful lord or monster of some sort, who possesses one of the cards of the deck of many things. Each Trump fills the role an Icon would: they have their organizations and their goals, and players may be drawn into their intrigues.

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Conflicts — A page describing the three major conflicts that drive the setting’s intrigues and skirmishes: the three contenders for the throne of the Grand Tsar, the threats that have arisen within the borders, and the threats that come from outside.

The Trumps — The list of the 22 major “factions” in the game, and the powerful figures who lead them. Some are heroic forces seeking to protect the land, some are malicious would-be conquerors or destroyers, and some pursue their own ambiguous goals.

Lokvan History — A primer on what has gone before.

Cultural Notes

Locations of Note

  • Baravoi, wealthy port city and heart of trade
  • Miska, the recently liberated kingdom
  • Vilira, beautiful river city of arts and society
  • Tyurin, bejeweled seat of the Golden Tsar
  • Zelezka, disreputable river trade city of scoundrels
  • Golen Kar, fortress of the dwarven wonder-maker
  • Lyodspar, frozen fortress of the Ice Witch
  • Medvodd, the many great southwestern wild woods
  • Morograv, domain of the undead prince
  • Stalvalt, fortress held by the Knight
  • Trakengrav, ruined city where its destroyer, the dragon, dwells



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