Witchfeather Gorge Treasure

Items cut from the storage-gizzards of the worms of Nith:

- Lava geode
- Brass figurine of a chessman
- Watertight scroll case with a map of Spider Marsh

- Fine amethyst
- Odd fingerbone bracelet
- Amber sword pommel
- Smooth luminescent crystal

- Polished holy symbol of Urvan the Lawgiver
- Gilded mouse skull earring
- Large silver nugget

- Handful of ancient coins
- Cluster of small, smooth gems (3000g total)
- Odd glossy black cube
- Unicorn scepter of a Luskrin tsar
- Hag-eye amulet
- Blank book in a waterproof satchel
- Elven tiara-helm
- Tightly stoppered bottle of Double Venom
- Heron-and-spear signet ring of the Kolzoss family

Witchfeather Gorge Treasure

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