Most of the common kindreds can be found in Lokva, to some extent or another.

  • Humans: The dominant kindred in Lokva. The tsardoms are human offices.
  • Elves: A few largely independent elven kingdoms reside within Lokvan borders, such as Galespires (the ally of Miska) and House Tilvash (vassals of Vilich Valyask Vozmei). Other families and individuals reside outside Ialfir borders.
  • Halflings: Lokvan Yala are fewer in number than they are in warmer climes, but every large city has a fully integrated halfling population.
  • Dwarves: Some Dwuri migrants from the mountains to the south and the icy wastes to the northwest.
  • Tieflings: Apart from the odd individual, a few nomadic tiefling families move around from settlement to settlement in wagons or caravans.
  • Ogrinka: Lokva is home to the smallest (only 7-8 feet in height!) and most civilized of ogre kindreds. They are more-or-less integrated into the nation.
  • Spartoi: The warriors born from dragon’s teeth are not unknown; most are recent first-generation creations, spawned from the teeth of the Ruin and the Balance. A few later-generation spartoi have also migrated into the land from southern climes.

Other, rarer kindred include:

  • Clockworks: Lokva is an advanced nation with many skilled artificers and alchemists. Many new self-aware clockworks are creations of the Key.
  • Genasi: A few of the elemental-blooded haunt Lokva, particularly those tied to ice.
  • Giant-Blooded: The frost, fire, and storm giants sometimes seen on the Lokvan borders are all said to have sorcerers who can take human shape. A few families in Lokva claim a trace of giant heritage.
  • “Gnomes”: A very few domovoi, banniks, and other small household fey are nomadic, having lost their domiciles without going mad or immediately finding another attachment.
  • Gnolls: A clan of white-furred gnolls occupies the Medvodd, allies of the Talons.
  • Goblins: Well-behaved goblins do exist; the greatest concentration is the Slithertail clan who live in Miska.
  • Orcs and half-orcs: Most orcish clans in the region are sworn to the Ruin, but a few have sought asylum in Lokva, particularly defectors from the mountain city of Toronchar.
  • Shifters: The blood of lycanthropes is said to run strong in a few bloodlines, particularly the wolfish Kos of Miska and the bearish Grodov of the Medvodd.


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