For three generations, all of Lokva was united. That came to an end with the reign of Tsar Buresk the First, once called Buresk the Dragonslayer, now called Buresk the Mad. One of the artifacts he claimed during his heroic exploits was a fabulous deck of wonders, equal parts blessing and curse. When his reign faced a dire threat, he tried to draw the power of all the cards at once.

It was a grave mistake. Arcane energy scarred the capital, leaving it a shell of its glory. The Mad Tsar perished — and the cards scattered. Each one found a new, powerful owner. Some of these new Trumps are rivals for the throne. Some seek to heal the land, others to remake it to suit their whims.

Lokva is divided once more, with three would-be tsars vying to unite it again, great champions standing against its enemies, and dark forces attempting to consume it. It is a time that requires heroes, both to aid some Trumps and to oppose others. The brave and the cunning who navigate these conflicts will have a hand in changing the destiny of the land.

Trumps of Winter

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