Old and wealthy, Tyurin has been called “Seat of the Emperors” since the first Tyurinov took the Grand Tsardom in Valgrad. Today, it is still a beautiful and secure city that benefits from the deep Tyurinov coffers, even if it has been strained more of late with the fall of Grand Tsar Buresk and the strife in the land. It benefits greatly by the presence of the Golden Tsar, Barakir Torevich Tyurinov. Tsar Barakir has what is publicly known as the strongest blood-claim to the Grand Tsardom — but more importantly, he has the power of the Throne, the Trump of leadership.

The Tyurinovs believed in demonstrating their status by stressing art, architecture, music, and other forms of culture. While the river-jewel of Vilira is still the more beautiful city, Tyurin’s fortifications protect a fine opera house, multiple theaters and galleries, and even a respectable university. The guards wear gold-stained mail to further the image of wealth and power. Small wonder, then, that the temples to Yalichem, god of prosperity, and Urvan, god of law, are the grandest in the nation — certainly now that their counterpart temples in fallen Valgrad are untended.

Tyurin may be one of the stablest and most peaceful cities in Lokva following the Disastrous Draw, but it is not without its tensions. Many aristocrats who fled Valgrad when the Traitor Prince approached are now permanent residents, jealously eyeing the mostly empty manses of nobles who were in the Grand Tsar’s court at the time. The city has a surfeit of jealous, displaced aristocrats jockeying for status and position, which is making for interesting times.


The Prince of the North: A fine inn in the Tsar’s Garden district, catering to clientele who wish to meet discreetly and for their conversations to remain private.


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