Tsaritsa Kascha Silverchild - the Moon

The Heroine of Fable

Usual Location: Tsaritsa Kascha rose to the throne of Miska after deposing its wicked king. She now holds that southwestern domain, and walks among its people often.Moon.jpg

Agents: Adventurers, talking beasts, fey

Card Power: Dreams Realized. The Moon card makes dreams into reality. However, it takes a pure and honest soul, wishing unselfishly, to produce good ends. Kascha Silverchild is one of the few who can use the Moon card without producing realized nightmares.

Common Knowledge: Kascha Silverchild is the heroine of a fairy tale come to life — the youngest of three sisters, one who has journeyed into the Overworld, a pure soul who overcame a wicked king with the aid of her supernatural allies. Her supporters want to see her become Grand Tsaritsa, for of the three great contenders she has the kindest heart. With her power and beauty, she is naturally the most eligible maiden in Lokva — though her circle of elite protectors drive away the ambitious and unworthy suitors by the dozen.

Characters and the Moon: Kascha rarely asks anything of her followers and friends. Her supporters, however, are highly motivated to work for her behalf.

Allies: The Sun and the Knight have both pledged friendship with the new tsaritsa. The Comet is fond of her, and has referred to her as “little cousin.” She has met the Key once, who was impressed with her courtesy. The Star is also a sometime ally.

Enemies: The Donjon has made some overtures about a political marriage, but it’s clear he wishes to remove her claim to the Grand Tsardom. The Throne is similarly opposed to her, particularly as she has no blood claim to nobility. Kascha managed to impress the Euryale once, but now Grandmother Yedza has grown covetous of her youth and beauty. The Flames would adore the opportunity to corrupt her.

The True Danger: Tsaritsa Kascha is strong and compassionate, but her supporters always fear that someone will hurt her or that she will give her blessing to the wrong person. Just one selfish or corrupted wish, and the Moon will be a source of nightmare.

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Tsaritsa Kascha Silverchild - the Moon

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