The Grand Conflicts


With the fall of Buresk the Mad, three tsars now seek to take his place. The rivalry between the three is of great interest to anyone who wants to see Lokva reunited — or kept apart even longer.

- Tsar Barakir Torevich Tyurinov, nephew to the Mad Tsar, claims succession by blood-right. He wishes to maintain the Tyruinov power as a dynasty. His power base is largely traditional nobles, but he also has gained many supporters by right of possessing the Throne card.

- Tsar Doryevni Gorinstal, the Iron Tsar, was a trusted general to Buresk. He claims succession by right of strength — he is one of the most powerful warlords in the land, and commands even further loyalty through the power of the Donjon card.

- Tsaritsa Kascha Silverchild is a peculiar case. She is a fairy-tale heroine come to life, a peasant girl of great honesty and compassion who has earned the blessings of supernatural creatures and the loyalty of many ragtag heroes. She holds the Moon, a card reputed to destroy anyone who uses its power selfishly. At the urging of her supporters, who trust neither Gorinstal nor Barakir, Kascha has agreed to seek the throne.

The Fallen

Tsar Gorinstal is a warmonger and tyrant — but still largely human, and still a traditionalist. Other villains have cast aside the laws of the land, and seek power by unnatural means. The living saint who holds the Sun and the sentinel who holds the Knight are most active against them, though any Lokvan who loves their land has reason to resist their corruption.

- A deathless knight has become a lord of the undead, by the power of the Skull card. Unscrupulous necromancers and warped knights ride to his banner, to join the unliving legions he commands.

- A heretical monk has made his infernalist ambitions reality with the Flames card. He surrounds himself with fiendish servitors, and prepares to offer a grand sacrifice to the lords of Hell.

- A secret cult worshipping blasphemous stars has lain hidden for many years. Now with the Idiot card in their possession, they move to make the foretold Dark Conjunction a reality.

The Borders

Threats come at Lokva from all sides. Some of them have become card-holders themselves.

- In the East, an ogre king holds the Fool card. Though his people are more civilized than most ogres, he is growing impatient as he looks at the chaos and sees opportunity for plunder. The champion holder of the Comet keeps him in check, for now.

- In the North, a mighty three-headed dragon has taken a border city for itself, devouring those who would not flee. Its dragon-priest servants command armies for it, seeking to plunder ever more. The Ruin card lies in the dragon’s hoard, said to be spent after bringing down the city walls.

- In the South, a terrible hag-witch dispatches wicked minions from her forest lair. She holds the Euryale card, which has only increased her powers.

- And under the earth, a shadowy kingdom has made itself known. The ruler of this dark realm holds the Void card, and has become bold with forays against the sunlit world.

The Grand Conflicts

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