Rukvaas the Damned - the Flames

The Grand Diabolist


Usual Location: Rukvaas keeps a palace reputedly crafted by magic in a hollowed-out mountain in the eastern range. He conducts his blasphemous rituals on the parapets of the peak under a bloody moon, or deep in the sulfurous tunnels that wind through its bowels.

Agents: Warlocks, tieflings, imps, devils, dvergi, acolytes, the damned

Card Power: Infernal Bargain. The Flames card draws the attention of Hell. But in the hands of a skilled diabolist such as Rukvaas, its power can compel devils to offer bargains they would not offer otherwise, particularly in the mortal world.

Common Knowledge: The Grand Diabolist is a dread figure featuring in many tales. He was reputedly a noble’s son who entered divine service at an early age, but fell prey to temptation almost immediately. He gathered a heretical inner circle around him, and worked blasphemous sorcery in the catacombs beneath his monastery. When his evils were discovered and his monastery put to the sword, he fled with the remnants of his cult into the mountains. It was there that the Flames card found him. Now he plots to please his masters so that they make him an archdevil as well, for he knows that if he dies without such a pact, he is damned to singular torments.

Characters and the Flames: Rukvaas always wants more. He might enlist adventurers to bring him rare offerings for his hellish allies, sweet treasures to feed his hedonism, or artifacts of power. There’s plenty of work to be had in opposing the Grand Diabolist as well. Many lords offer a generous bounty for the heads and trappings of his followers.

Allies: Rukvaas has made common cause with Prince Kulyich the Deathless, as the Flames and Skull have complementary ambitions. He has less binding but still favorable relationships with Vilich Valyask Vozmei and Grandmother Yedza. He attempts to manipulate the cult of the Idiot, but has met with very limited success.

Enemies: Few people want to see a Lokva where the power of Hell is even stronger. The Sun, the Knight and the Vizier are all sworn enemies of the Flames and his devilish minions. The Comet would gladly smash him given the opportunity, and the Moon finds his plots repulsive. The Donjon wants to bring him under control, or to destroy him if that isn’t possible.

The True Danger: All it would take for Rukvaas to become a worse threat would be for those opposing him to relax their vigilance.

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Rukvaas the Damned - the Flames

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