Prince Kulyich the Deathless - the Skull

The Undying Lord

Skull.jpgUsual Location: Prince Kulyich rules Morograv, the same domain he ruled in life. Like other deathknights, he is strongest in his home, and weaker away from the soil where he died.

Agents: Necromancers, undead, knights, raiders

Card Power: Death’s Master. The Skull card grants an unliving master the power to raise and command more of their ilk. With its power, Kulyich the Deathless has an undead legion at his disposal.

Common Knowledge: The rebellious Prince Kulyich was slain a hundred years ago, dying in the siege of Morograd. He rose from his grave soon thereafter, and stood sentinel over his ruined domain. He became a greater threat when he inherited the Skull card, and now dispatches his legions to pillage the surrounding lands. Kulyich loved the fine things in life, and now he tries to surround himself with beautiful things — works of art, fine foods and drink, beautiful women — all the pleasures of the flesh that he can no longer enjoy.

Characters and the Skull: Kulyich the Deathless sends troops out to expand his territory, but he also has agents on quests to find him the things best in life — the fairest maidens, the finest perfumes, the rarest jewels. He is rebuilding the knightly order that served him in life, both with dead and living members.

Allies: The demented infernalist of the Flames has made common cause with Prince Kulyich, giving rare offerings in return for the deathly prince’s allegiance. He has allegedly had friendly dealings with the underlurkers of the Void. Some even say that the Iron Tsar of the Donjon has made a non-aggression pact with the Skull’s holder.

Enemies: Prince Kulyich has many enemies. In particular, the Sun sees him as abomination and the Knight condemns his depredations. He has coveted the beauty of the Star and the innocent heart of the Moon, and his avaricious raids have angered the Gem.

The True Danger: The Deathless is bound by two things — his ties to his homeland soil and the remnants of his warped sense of honor. If he throws off either of these shackles, he will be a far greater threat.Bilibin_Night.jpg

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Prince Kulyich the Deathless - the Skull

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