Noble Families

“European people believe in the aristocracy, some to scorn it, others to have something to hate…In Russia none of this exists. Here one simply does not believe in it.” — Alexander Pushkin

The aristocratic families of Lokva have fallen on harder times since the Disastrous Draw. The destruction of the court at Valgrad cut away many distinguished nobles, including the immediate line of the Grand Tsar Buresk the Dragonslayer. The rise of the Trumps carved away the influence others enjoyed — the nobles of fair Vilira, for instance, found themselves redundant in the glory of the Firebird. Some even lost their homelands to incursions, such as the Ruin’s sack of Storovia or the reawakening of Prince Kulyich the Deathless in Morograv. The fall of the tsar of Miska was particularly galling, as it came at the hands of a humble peasant girl.

But the noble families of tsars, boyars, and knights do not yet believe their day is done. Many have flocked to Tyurin, where they hope that the Golden Tsar will reunite Lokva under the continued Tyurinov line. And many more hope to raise champions from their own ranks. Bloodline alone cannot suffice in an age of heroes.

Major Aristocratic Bloodlines:

  • Aveletsya: Eccentric; fortune in textiles; some elven blood
  • Biresla: Scholarly; fund scientific discovery; back communications advances
  • Cheynakov: Gem miners from the East; displaced by the Skull and Flames
  • Golikoy: Bankers; highly influential; reputation as ruthless
  • Gorinstal: Industrialists; made fortune with saltworks; proud and terrible
  • Krigori: Openly pious; temple connections
  • Kyelvarin: Militant; insist sons must serve in armed forces; horse-breeders
  • Pitirin: Dour, conservative
  • Reynitsy: Notable beauty within bloodline; ambassadors; said to have fox-spirit’s blessing
  • Tyurinov: Latest royal dynasty; battered and much reduced; hippogryph emblem
  • Voikelos: Stonemason’s lineage; build elaborate keeps and sturdy vaults
  • Yorokov: Southerners; strong agricultural background; seen as “uncouth”

Noble Families

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