The city and kingdom of Miska have seen great change in the two years since the Disastrous Draw. Before, the city was the seat of the vicious Tsar Govroska, who executed his own wife for witchcraft and threw his sons from the top of the highest tower. The common folk lived in fear of their murderous tsar, and none of their neighbors dared challenge him.

Now, Miska is almost a realm from an idyllic fairy tale. Talking beasts roam the woods surrounding the capital, and good-hearted adventurers from across Lokva find sanctuary here. Miska is the home of Tsaritsa Kascha Silverchild, who befriended the Four Winds, overthrew Govroska, and now wields the Moon Trump.

Miska is an island of calm, but the peace cannot last. The ancient witch who holds the Euryale has cast ever more covetous glances at the kingdom. Worse, the Throne and the Donjon both see Tsartisa Silverchild as a rival for the Grand Tsardom, and both are taking steps to neutralize her claim — for although she has no blood right to the Valgrad crown, she is clearly beloved by her people, and that is a matter of grave concern. And although many of Tsar Govroska’s loyalists perished in the revolution, others survive and plot revenge, including several of the vicious knights of his Order of the Black Chalice.


Miska, or High Miska, the city that is the heart of the kingdom

  • Kolokin, the Bell, northwest town along the river to Zelezka
  • Zolat, the Red Gold, northeast hill-town governed by dwarven clans
  • Perska, the Cross, southeast town on the border of the Elven Tsar’s lands
  • Schuka, the Pike, southwest town where the wild-folk gather


The Kosvodd, neighboring forest and ancestral home of the Kos clan
The Spider Marsh, which cuts off Miska from the sea
The Tsar’s Forest, former game preserve now given to the talking beasts
Witchfeather Gorge, the boundary between the Moon and the Euryale

Infamous Ruins

Briarthrone, former keep of the Skinner Knight, consumed by briars
Chernograv, the Bleeding Fort, former meeting hall for the Order of the Black Chalice
Mothwall, former keep of the Moonstone Knight, cocooned by insects
The Raintowers, ruined keep of a noble who defied his cruel tsar
Ostagrav, former keep of the Judge Knight, petrified
Slagrav, former keep of the Ivory Knight, overrun by undeathly curse
Wintermount, former keep of the Storm Knight, sealed in ice


Galespire, elven kingdom and pledged ally to Tsaritsa Kascha Silverchild
The Spider Marsh, desolate marshland peopled by the desperate


Trumps of Winter Barastrondo