Lokvan Fey and Monsters

Some creatures dwell in the northern part of the continent, and are rarely seen farther south. These are a few of the strange entities, fey or otherwise, familiar to Lokvans in particular.

Alkonost: A beautiful strain of harpy, touched by an otherworldly presence. They are unusually benign.

Bannik: A household spirit, a form of boggart particularly fond of the bathhouse. Some banniks fled upheaval in the Overworld and took up residence in Lokva.

Firebird: A rare and powerful creature, something like a peacock and something like a bird-of-paradise. Firebirds are intelligent, capable of speaking human language, and glimmer with an unearthly radiance. The most famous firebird is Illyira the Incandescent, patron of Vilira and holder of the Star card.

Leshy: A potent forest spirit. They appear to be half tree and half man. Leshiye are variable in character, like the woods they guard; some are gentle and nurturing, others thorny and twisted.

Likho: Gruesome one-eyed humanoid monsters like hags or vodyanoi. Likho rarely gather in covens of three, and more often are solitary stalkers of dark and dangerous places. A likho has the power of the evil eye; they claim to have taught the art to cruder creatures such as cyclopes and fomorians.

Nocnitsa: Shadow-fey from the realm called the Gloaming. They are most like elves in appearance. Nocnitsa organize in a peculiar vassalage, where ritualized theft and slander are accepted as a civilized nature of resolving disputes.

Rusalka: The ghost of a woman or girl, bound to the body of water where she drowned. Some view them as honorary daughters of Namaluk, given a second “life” to exact a toll from those who wronged them. Some rusalki were deliberate sacrifices, ritually drowned to create ruthless protectors, such as Fair Mirinka of Zelezka.

Sirin: Like the alkonost, a beautiful variety of harpy. Unlike the alkonost, they are not particularly benign.

Vila: Beautiful human-appearing fey. Vila are mercurial, and all the more dangerous for it, as they tend to be powerful sorceresses or warriors. Many heroes have quested to win the hand of a vila for a wife. Much fewer have succeeded.

Vodyanoi: Terrible monsters that resemble old men. Vodyanoi are the male counterparts to hags, less common but not less dangerous. Like hags, they often form covens of three. They excel at magic invoking water and cold earth.

Lokvan Fey and Monsters

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