Commander Anrikka Valyevna - The Knight

The Sworn Defender

Usual Location: The Knight goes where needed in central Lokva, but operates primarily out of the fortress Stalvalt. She sometimes visits fallen Valgrad, but primarily trusts the Sun to hold the capital.

Agents: Knights, bogatyrs, soldiers, peasant loyalists, paladins

Card Power: Invincible Oath. The Knight card’s power is loyalty. However, Commander Anrikka uses it not to compel the loyalty of others, but to enforce the power of her own oath. Her strength and skill are massively increased whenever she acts in service to her vow.

Common Knowledge: Anrikka Valyevna was a commander in the Grand Tsar’s armies prior to the disastrous fall. Her sense of duty compelled her to actively serve even without a monarch, up until the Battle of Belask, where she received the Knight card and became one of the Trumps. She still commands a small army of loyalists whose first concern is the welfare and protection of the heartlands.

Characters and the Knight: Commander Anrikka Valyevna’s purpose is clear: to safeguard the people of Lokva, and to keep the realm from falling into chaos until it is once more reunited. She dispatches her agents to subdue threats, rescue endangered pockets of the populace, retrieve treasures of the realm and generally work for the benefit of Lokva. Those she trusts wield potent weapons taken from Stalvalt’s well-stocked armory.

Allies: The Sun has a very similar oath to Anrikka’s, and the two work well together. The Throne supports the Knight’s purpose, although he is careful not to undercut his own claim by doing so. The Comet and Knight respect each other as kindred spirits, if very different.

Enemies: Commander Anrikka Valyevna openly decries the Skull, the Flames, the Idiot and the Void as unmitigated threats to the realm. She will stand against the Donjon’s attempts to take the Grand Tsardom by force.

The True Danger: If someone manages to trick her into forswearing her oath, the Knight card will at the very least abandon Anrikka and at worst create a terrible backlash.

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Commander Anrikka Valyevna - The Knight

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