Master NPC roster

All of the named NPCs who have appeared thus far. Updated through the events of the Shrike Knight’s ghost (up to Session 35).

Aidalore: Dwarven agent and messenger of Grandmaster Brussenweld Giftgiver.
Alsvedun the Magnificent: Benevolent archmage and holder of the Vizier.
Anrikka Valyevna: War hero and holder of the Knight.
Arimna the Ever-Cold: Snow genasi sorceress; Queen Norevna’s ambassador to Tyurin
Azrady: Wandering alchemist.

Tsar Barakir Tyurinov: Tsar of the Tyurin line; holder of the Throne.
Belzec Malioki: Tiefling patriarch of the Malioki’s Miracles traveling family business.
Borchek: Half-Volyar hunter of Istvar.
Bradak: Zelezkan smuggler and wastrel; former informer to ogre pirates.
The Briar-Crown Warlock: Hermit warlock who lives in the forests between Rubyal and Istvar. Ties to the Euryale.
Bronva: Loremaster of the Mountain of Steel.
Brunya Milyukov: Merchant residing in Tyurin. Gennadiy’s uncle.
Butrek: Representative of Boyar Kurzkov and secret adherent of the Mad Star. Deceased.

Captain Tzifina: Elemental-blooded watch-captain of Zelezka.
Cheznya: Storm genasi, sometime agent of the Vizier, ally to the Comet.
Cinnamon: Talking she-bear of Honeythorn.

Dam Shacklesight: Nocnitsa chernaz serving Lady Gloomsaddle; dour and militant.
Doctor Morezhka: Tyurin representative of the Sun.
Doryevni Gorinstal: Tsar of Ublerast; the Iron Tsar; holder of the Donjon.

Elska Kurzkov: Middle daughter of the boyar of Istvar.
Evda: Herbalist of Istvar. Enemy of the Mad Star’s cult.

The Faceless Tailor: Powerful shadow-fey of the Gloaming.
Fair Mirinka: Rusalka haunting the waters of Zelezka; city mascot and bogeyman.
Free-Handed Grebsky: Caravan master; alias of Grenetz.

General Roskoy: Guardian of the Donjon’s delegation to Prince Casivir.
Girinka: Former steward to Boyar Kurzkov. Currently serving Boyaritsa Rovina Zarkosky.
Grandfather Darkroot: Leshy.
Grandmaster Brussenweld Giftgiver: Dwarven wonder-maker; holder of the Key.
Grandmother Yedza: Queen of witches; holder of the Euryale.
Grenetz: Covert agent of the Black Snowflake.
Grivari: Wandering witch hunter.
Guryakin: Rusdrakkr warchief cursed with undeath. Freed by the bogatyrs.
Gurivin “Uncle Guri” Slakotchka: Zelezkan pawnbroker and agent of the Black Snowflake.

Havek: Officer of the Huntsmen mercenary company.
Hetman Gromundya: Hetman of Volinka.
Hetman Kolvitsa Featherteeth: Volyar hetman acting as military commander in Tyurin
Hetman Tarska the Slayer: Volyar chieftain; holder of the Comet card.
Hovrisk, the Bald Wolf: Kos outcast; former Huntsman mercenary.

Igrin Ivarr: Displaced boyar of Storovia.
Iissa the Snowy-Eyed: Half-elven diviner of Zelezka; agent and ally of the Vizier.
Ilya Stakovir: Forgemaster and metallurgist of the Mountain of Steel.
Izra: Tavern-keeper of the Volinka inn The Moon and Stars.

Kascha Silverchild: Peasant girl turned folk hero and tsaritsa; bearer of the Moon card.
Katechny the Hare: Court mage to Prince Casivir.
Katissa the Fisher: Tyurin agent of Prince Casivir.
Korgoslav Karkovich Ironglove: Ogrinka road-warden of Miska.
Korvos: Wandering agent of Tsaritsa Kascha Silverchild.
Kostya Okhotnikskaia: A bear.
Kovor: Glory-hunting swordsman.
Kradovar: Veteran warrior of Istvar. Honorable.
Krastach the Butcher: Brutal ghoul of Tyurin. Deceased.
Kreska Karkovich: Volyar scout, rescued from the Ghosts of Stolyich Field.

Lady Gloomsaddle: Nocnitsa noblewoman.
Lanetsya Kurzkov: Youngest daughter of the boyar of Istvar. Somewhat childish.
Lasva: Former handmaiden to the Grand Tsaritsa. Resides in Tyurin.
Lorsky: Roving soldier and agent of the Knight.
Ludova: Former bandit of the Ghosts of Stolyich Field. Freed by Anfisa.

Marcadda Manyrings: Dwarven guildmistress and merchant queen; holder of the Gem.
Marisky Kurzkov: Oldest daughter of Istvar’s boyar.
Miyar Byelnikov: Dashing young captain serving the Knight; stationed in Tyurin.
Morska Morekevich: Winter mage in servant to the Fates.

Norevna: The Queen in Lyodspar; the Ice Witch; holder of the Fates.
Norina: Lieutenant in service to the Knight.

Olchaska Blacklimbs: Namalukii priestess of Tyurin’s Shrine of the Frozen Saints.
Olek: Emissary from the Donjon to Prince Casivir; failed usurper of the Rogue card.
Ormir: Member of the Donjon’s delegation to Prince Casivir; former captive of blindworms.
Orskin: Sergeant of the Red Tears mercenary company.
Oskvar: Gamekeeper to Boyaritsa Rovina Zarkosky.
Otr Grimbrow: Sorceror; agent of the Vizier; advisor to Tsar Barakir Tyurinov.
Ozyar the Oathbreaker: Military advisor and commander to Prince Casivir.

Pirin: Soldier of Istvar. Seduced by Mika.
Prince Casivir: The Traitor Prince; the power in Zelezka; holder of the Rogue.

Radenza: Cheerful and perhaps oblivious comrade-in-arms of Gennadiy. Loyalist to the Iron Tsar.
Radov Mordovich Kurzkov: Boyar of Istvar; former dupe of the Mad Star cult.
Renyod: Huntsman mercenary soldier.
Resbetta: Witch of the Carrion Eye coven.
Rovina Zarkosky: Boyaritsa of Rubyal, one-time target of her neighbor Boyar Kurzkov.
Russa Artorevna: Bear-speaker and self-appointed guardian of Carrion-Chewer Mountain.

Seer Rostov: Ranking Higher Nine priest in Tyurin.
Shesdiny Kuloshevna Salvalk: The Shrike Knight of Honeythorn. Deceased.
Sire Bleakmouth: Nocnitsa chernaz serving Lady Gloomsaddle; humiliated for his ambition.
Sire Crutchcrook: Nocnitsa chernaz serving Lady Gloomsaddle; gnarled and sardonic.
Sire Inkwether: Nocnitsa chernaz serving Lady Gloomsaddle; fascination with stars.
Slatejaw: Animated ghoul skull.

Tazvach, Knife of the Black: Spymaster of the Ruin’s agents.
Teskina: Lieutenant to the Donjon.
Tozhoris: Dragon slain by Tsar Buresk.
Tyor: Volyar scout to Hetman Tarska the Slayer.

Ulvo: Astrologer to Boyar Kurzkov and cult leader of the Mad Star. Deceased.

Vashtil: Hammer-saint of the Mountain of Steel.
Vilich Valyask Vozmei: Three-headed dragon and holder of the Ruin.
Vilyivich Blackspite: Black-armored dragontooth warrior of the Ruin; leader of Blackspite’s Scourges. Deceased.
Vol: Magically altered brute; minion of Resbetta. Deceased.
Voresk: Bandit leader of the Ghosts of Stolyich Field. Deceased.

Yelgor Greencap: Captain of the Huntsmen mercenary company. Trapped in shadow.
Yerek: Freelance steppe guide.
Yetnava: Dead-speaker of Zelezka; priestess of Namaluk.
Yiria Namalevna: Namalukii junior priestess of Tyurin.

Zarosk: Cartographer; agent of the Vizier.
Zazet Furybrand: Spartoi vassal of the Ruin. Slain by Hetman Tarska.
Zilya: Glory-hunting swordswoman,

Master NPC roster

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